On again.

Since 2008 I've gone through seasons of on again/off again blogging.

Consider this my official notice of "on again" :)

I have a small amount of extra time on my hands now that I've finished by bachelor's degree (YES.) and I feel like I have a lot to say these days, so here we are.

I also feel a strange sense of having lost my voice, so if I'm a bit rusty (read: boring), stick with me while I dust off the old keys a bit.

Everybody blogs for different reasons; some to project an image of sorts, some for business, some to take a mental dump, some to build lofty political or religious platforms, some to inspire, some to solicit attention of no apparent merit, some to record important life events, etc.

I've come to the conclusion that I have no idea why I blog. I think I've done it at one point or another for almost every reason listed above. I sat and thought about why in the world I should start blogging again, and the only reason I could come up with is: I enjoy it. Never mind the fact that Google Ads blacklisted me (yes, that is a real thing), this whole autism blog never once fulfilled its purpose (to find more moms of kids with autism), and I am about as fickle as my son sitting on the toilet trying to decide whether he has to pee or poop (it's more confusing than you think).

So if you're back with me for the millionth time and you feel like this is turning into a bad dating relationship (is she committed or isn't she??), I apologize. I can't promise I won't leave again. But I can promise to speak as transparently as possible so as not to waste your time or my energy. You really never know what's gonna happen next around here...

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