Au Naturale

I have been trying to use primarily natural cleaners for the last year, but now I am especially mindful since some studies show evidence that certain chemicals can cause the onset of autism or aggravate it.

Here are the two I've used most this week:


3 clementine peels 
one cap full vanilla extract
a few shakes of cinnamon
fill to the top of jar with vinegar and let sit for one day.

I love cleaning with vinegar because it's chemical free and effective, but I hate the smell. This stuff smells amazing. At first it still has a faint vinegar smell, but after you wipe it up the vinegar smell disappears and the orangey cinnamony goodness sticks. I get super weird and smell my counters when I walk by them after I use this stuff. It's pretty awesome.



baking soda
table salt
old limes
lavender essential oil if desired

This stuff is great for cleaning sinks, faucets and bath tubs--pretty much anything that gets grimy build up. Cut the lime in half. Turn the lime pulp side up and dust with baking soda and salt (add a drop or two of essential oil if desired). Use the lime as your scrubber, and rub down your grimy thing with the lime. The worse the grime, the thicker the paste on your lime should be, and I would suggest using extra salt for extra grime.

I'd love to hear any natural cleaning remedies you use that both work and smell great!

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