ABA Therapy | U Play Mat

We got this awesome mat for M's therapy, and I love it!

The cards slide into place and are protected by the plastic covering (it's actually quite shocking how necessary this protection is, be it from bending, food spillage or Owen drool). The mat makes it feel like more of a game, keeps the cards in place instead of sliding all over the floor, and also helps to set the tone that we are beginning therapy time and it's not play time anymore.

Here's a video of a bit of M's therapy. We are working on vocabulary, specifically furniture. If you think I'm too tough on her when she can't get the word "dresser," it's only because she got it correct twice before I turned the camera on. Sometimes she pretends not to know things (which you will also see in the video), but sometimes she just forgets. She has great repetitive short term memory, but getting things to stick for the long term is the hardest part about learning vocab.

Anyway, here she is!

That's right, I said BOOM shaka laka.

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