GFCF Diet | What's Working

I've been picking up on some things as we enter week 3 of our plunge into gluten/casein free dieting for our kids.

First of all, I need to have ready-to-go snacks for any place we go where our kids will be around other kids. I usually don't bring snacks with us to the park, to the play place, etc. I am trying to teach my kids to eat all of their food at meal time (which means they need to be hungry when the time comes), and snacking all day makes it super tough. But every other mom is bringing her kitchen pantry to the park or mall or whatever, and it never fails- my kids want food when they see other people's food. And then the embarrassing begging begins, and the other mom gives my kid the obligatory cracker or goldfish or whatever. Except now M can't have crackers.

Or they go to school or church where the kids inevitably feast on animal crackers and pretzels.

Or they go to a friend's house where... you get the idea. Dilemma!

So I've been on the hunt for some casein/gluten friendly go-snacks. And I found some!!! :)

Another toughie has been lunches.  For their entire self-feeding lives, M and O have had a peanut butter and honey sandwich for lunch, and they love it. They are emotionally attached to the PBH. And it turns out, so far they hate every gluten free bread they've tried. We've wasted so much of it, and it's so expensive it feels like flushing gold down the toilet.  So I've been looking for quick and easy lunches. Found some of those too!!! :)

I'm going to give you a list of all the things that have been working for us.

Rule number one: Costco is your friend.  There are so many gluten free options there that I had no idea about until recently. Okay, yesterday. :P I'll stop talking. Here's my list:

-Van's gfree waffles with syrup
-"Ice Cream" (Almond or coconut milk, whole banana, and frozen berries blended to ice cream consistency- think super-thick smoothie)
-Gfree cereal bar (Glutino brand) with a banana
-scrambled eggs

-Hummus and veggies (esp. carrots and cucumber)
-Gfree chicken nuggets
-Apple slices with almond butter and gfree crackers
-Assorted veggies with Annie's gfree dressing for dipping
-GoPicnic gfree lunches (from Costco)

-Boxed organic risotto
-Gfree pasta with red sauce
-Seasoned rice and black beans
-Gfree canned soup
-Sweet potato fries
-Salmon with veggies
-Chicken with veggies
-Quinoa (I'm still trying to learn to cook this in a way that Mike will like- help!)

-Prepackaged organic apple slices (Costco)
-Apple Sauce on-the-go
-Fruit snacks
-Gfree animal crackers
-Gfree pretzels

-Almond milk
-Coconut milk
-Rice milk
-Fruit juice
-And water, duh

Ultimately, switching the kids to this diet (and who are we kidding, the grown ups too- I can't have a different menu for every family member...) has been significantly easier with time. The kids are getting used to new tastes and textures and starting to forget their old loves, even the precious peanut butter and honey. I didn't think it could be done, but we are doing it :)


  1. We love quinoa around here! Did you see my quinoa chili recipe? It's pretty easy to make and can easily be spiced up per bowl for adult family members. We make quinoa all the time and almost constantly have it in the fridge. Ben is the quinoa cooker around here, but we recently got a rice cooker as a gift, and quinoa cooks great in it as well. Quinoa goes great with teriyaki sauce and cooked broccoli (a kid and adult fav) and Bragg's liquid aminos (basically tastes like soy sauce). The consistency should be soft. And check the bag to see if you need rinse the dry quinoa first. I've also seen quinoa pasta. Quinoa is loaded with protein, iron, and other essentials, it's really a great food! Great job going GF!

  2. Thanks Em! I didn't see your recipe, I'm going to go look at it! Quinoa Teriyaki sounds AMAZING. I have broccoli in my fridge, maybe I'll make that tonight! Do you make your own teriyaki sauce or buy it from the store?

  3. We buy it from the store. Not sure if ours is GF.

    Quinoa can also be used as a breakfast (when we cook ours we add nothing, no salt or oil, so it's plain for us to dress up later). It can flavored similar to oatmeal (I know that can be hard to find oatmeal totally GF), with brown sugar, maple syrup and nuts or berries. We've done this a few times too!

  4. You are an amazing mom! I stumbled into your blog via FB and will keep you, Mike and M in my prayers. Check out the cookbook Clean Food by Terry Walters at your library...super yummy...easy...creative...

  5. We just ate Quinoa pasta the other day... it is GF....Bryce hate the grain too and he loved the pasta...He liked it better when I toasted the grain before coooking it and then boiled it in homemade chicken broth. So proud of you! :)